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Peer Reviewed Articles

Meyer, K., Bird, K. A., & Castleman, B. (2022). Stacking the Deack for Employment Success: Labor Market Returns to Stackable Credentials. Journal of Human Resources, preprint
  • Previous Version: EdWorkingPapers
  • Press: UVAToday ; Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard

    Rosinger, K. O., Meyer, K., & Wang, J. (2021). Leveraging Insights from Behavioral Science to Reduce Administrative Burden in Free College Policies. Journal of Behavioral Public Administration, 4(2).

    Castleman, B. L., & Meyer, K. (2020). Can Text Message Nudges Improve Academic Outcomes in College? Evidence from a West Virginia Initiative. Review of Higher Education, 43(4), 1125-1165.

    Page, L. C., Castleman, B. L., & Meyer, K. (2019). Customized nudging to improve FAFSA completion and income verification. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 42(1), 3-21.
  • Press: Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard

    Castleman, B. L., & Meyer, K. (2019). Financial Constraints and Collegiate Student Learning: A Behavioral Economics Perspective . Daedalus, 148(4)

    Meyer, K., & Rosinger, K. O. (2019). Applying behavioral insights to improve postsecondary outcomes: A review of Obama administration efforts and next steps under the Trump administration . Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 38(2), 481-499.

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